Tamara Powell is awesome! She is extremely caring and wants you to do well. Her students mean a lot to her and you can tell by how helpful she is. She is a fun professor…and I can’t wait to take another class with her.

I have been teaching communication in universities for over five years and I see each class as a new opportunity to inspire and equip students to be leaders in their field.

I have three goals that guide my approach to instruction:

  1. To create a classroom envinronment in which all students can participate in the analysis and production of knowledge.
  2. To support students’ development as scholars, professionals, and individuals.
  3. To demonstrate for students how to connect theory to practice and encourage their capacity to do the same.

To achieve these goals, I structure all lectures as conversations, constantly incorporating student input and participation. I seek opportunities to interact with students outside of the classroom and utilize multiple media platforms — such as email, social media, and blogs — to keep conversation fluid. I demonstrate how to apply theoretical concepts to analyze and take action in everyday life and I create assignments that require students to do the same. Ideally, these efforts combine to create an academic experience that encourages students’ professional development, intellectual curiosity, and personal growth.

Please see my curriculum vitae for a list of the courses I have taught.